Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks Importance for SEO

Learn here, What is the importance of Backlinks for SEO?

Do you wonder whether SEO and good old backlinking techniques are still relevant or not? Well, let us help you through with this article.

It is very well known that digital marketing is flourishing at its best. Statistics show the importance of digital marketing for e-commerce. About $4.5 trillion is the expected global e-commerce sales. It indicates that there is a significant potential for online promotional activities. Moreover, about 51% of shoppers prefer google research before making their purchases. Even around 4.5 billion internet users are there worldwide. For various businesses, digital marketing gives a chance to reach people on platforms where the users spend a lot of their time and money.

Due to the increasing importance of digital marketing, the marketers are now referred to as tech nerds with laptops because they keep trying tricks and hacks to make their brand win the race with the competitors. The opportunities led the competition so high where everyone is giving their best in becoming the ace of the competition. Smaller companies are getting a chance to compete with huge rivals, as the wide digital marketing network allows them to use data and insights to target customers. 

What is SEO?

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. In a world where digital marketing is expanding its wings, the SEO marketing strategy plays a crucial role. It enhances the scope of marketing and intensifies a brand’s reach by attracting a large number of potential customers. SEO technique helps optimize a web page and makes it more engaging from the point of end-users. The set of practices performed in SEO is beneficial to get a website into the top spot on sites like Google. Before positioning a website, the search engines read each element, then decide where to position it on their results page. 

Google is by far the most essential and most significant search engine, and hence it wants to provide accurate results when users search any query within it. Further, the search engine reads the pages of the websites and displays only those relevant and essential pages according to the question asked by the user. In simple words, SEO can be said as a process of getting websites to rank for the keywords and phrases within the Google search engine. 

There are 3 types of SEO available:

  • On-page SEO: This type of SEO involves keyword research. Keywords are used in high-quality content on various web pages of the website. 
  • Off-page SEO: This helps strengthen the relationship of one website with other websites. This is most notably related to building backlinks, which link back to your website by many other websites. 
  • Technical SEO: This type of SEO includes things like mobile friendliness, site speed, security, etc.

Importance of SEO

Visibility and Rankings

SEO has the critical function of increasing the visibility and ranking of the website. Visibility means making it easier for the customers to find you/your website when searching for something you are offering. 

The ranking is related to visibility, and the higher your website ranks higher the number of potential customers who can see you. 

Web Traffic

Increasing web traffic is the main objective of SEO. You can increase the traffic on the website when you increase the visibility and ranking of your website. Consequently and gradually, your website will be able to attract potential customers. 

Establish brand awareness

When you give importance to SEO efforts, your website gets more visitors traffic, leading to an increase in your brand awareness, which encourages more people to purchase products/services from your website.  

Makes websites mobile-friendly

SEO efforts are beneficial in making your website mobile-friendly for those who visit your websites on their mobile devices. If your website fails to give a good experience on a mobile device, you will further lose potential customers and explore more content and websites. 

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is also known as inbound links or incoming links; it is a link created when one website is linked. They help promote your blogs or sites just by hyperlinking your website from another source. It looks easy, but it is not an easy task as for backlinks, quality matters. 

Earning and giving backlinks

The essential component of off-site SEO is earning backlinks; obtaining backlinks is known as link earning or link building. Your site must follow backlinks from popular, trustworthy, and high authority sites as they are considered the most desirable backlinks to earn. Try to avoid backlinks from low authority and potentially spammy sites. It is essential to know about competitive backlinks, for this do in-depth research because earning backlinks can be time-consuming for those who are expanding their new sites. Their keyword footprints may find it difficult to know how the whole backlinking process works or where to start when link-building procedures. 

Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks are of enormous importance for SEO and even for SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. Generally, search engines like google, yahoo, etc., use algorithms for gathering information and ranking pages. To crawl your website for content and backlinks, they use bots and spiders. Search Engines aggregate the volume and relevance of all the pages linking to your website which impacts your page’s ranking. So better backlinks are much needed to get better results. In simple words, Backlinks are important in determining how high the indexation of your web content gets. The higher indexation, the greater the reach will be. 

Various Link Building Techniques

There are many link-building techniques available to get high-quality links from other websites. You have to do experimenting to find an appropriate technique that works best for your business. Some of the link-building methods are:

Use strategic guest blogging

If you want to benefit from guest blogging, you need to work on strategy and authenticity. For this, what you need to do is, you have to create quality and unique pieces of content for other websites. Further, you have to ensure that the site is relevant, authoritative, and attracts your potential audience. By selecting the appropriate guest blog, you will get the results of higher rankings, qualified leads, and increased traffic. 

Create and distribute infographics

Infographics are still very much in trend, and they are crucial in making a link-building strategy. The best feature is that you can continually generate organic traffic on your website, and you can earn quality links without asking for them. 

Stay active on social media

Social media has revolutionized the whole marketing network, and it is a huge boon for marketers for a link-building plan and guest post efforts. If you wish to build a brand, you need to stay active on social media by sharing new posts, images, and updates to attract traffic to your website. 

Use resource links from trusted sites

A resource link works as a guide that creates or compiles for targeting the audience. It would be best if you used resource links from trusted sites. If you use a leading site in your niche, it will compile a list of websites in your industry that will be helpful for visitors to find what they are looking for. 


With the immense increase in digital marketing networks, the need to stay aware of the whole scenario has increased. If the marketers are aware of every perspective, they can take action. Accordingly, they can plan well for strategies they need to follow to attract traffic to their sites. Moreover, constant efforts lead them to get a good SEO ranking which is beneficial to hit the target audience. 

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